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Departments and Services

From minor illnesses to long-standing chronic diseases; our practitioners got you covered.


The health of your child is important to us; ensuring their well-being is a priority.


A team of seasoned and skilled general surgeons are at the ready to treat many surgical complaints. State of the art techniques and equipment ensure speedy recovery times in our day Surgery practice.

Ear Exam

Using fully equipped clinic, our ENT specialist can diagnose and treat all ENT related ailments.

Hand on Bump

Our team of doctors and nurses will look after you and your baby for a healthy and worry-free pregnancy.

Female white toothy smile

Experienced dentists and state of the art equipment allows us to provide a comprehensive dental services.

Dermatologist at Work

Our Dermatology clinic offers treatments for damaged and diseased skin, while providing an array of cosmetic services.

Doctor Operating CT Scanner

A full suite of diagnostic imaging including an open MRI facility. 


Our urologists are seasoned in treating a range of men's health issues in addition to many urogenital complaints

Image by Towfiqu barbhuiya

Our cardiologist is especially trained to conduct a complete risk assessment, in addition to treating a range of chronic heart problems

Back Pain Treatment

A multidisciplinary team of 4 orthopedicians and physiotherapists are available to treat most musculoskeletal complaints.

Eye Doctor

from vision checks to acute and chronic eye complaints, our ophthalmologists are fully equipped to care for adults and children

Pharmacy Counter

Our pharmacies are open 24hrs all year long with an expansive stock and insurance coverage


In-house full range of laboratory diagnostics to support all practitioners

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